Inky Editions is a professional print studio that started in 2014 in upstate New York. Until recently, it was located near the historic Hudson train station in Hudson, NY. Our 5,000-square-foot space was a printmaking facility where artists produced fine art prints by working with intaglio based techniques. As of February of 2018, Inky Editions is in transition. It has closed its Hudson, NY location. It currently operates as an artist studio of its founder George Tsalikis, in Philadelphia, PA.

We maintain a supportive environment to artists of all skill levels, by providing open access to equipment. Individual artists also have the option to reserve time for contract printing in collaboration with our master printer.

Our facility included:

  • Etching presses

  • Etching bath area with large paper sinks

  • Exposure unit for photo-based work

  • Classroom for workshops on drawing and printmaking techniques

  • Storage options for artwork and materials

  • Two private art studios which can be reserved for artists working on ongoing projects and editioning

  • Gallery space for artist exhibitions and events, as well as lectures on print scholarship

Visual artist George Tsalikis established Inky Editions beginning in 2014. The studio focused on environmentally friendly practices and alternatives to toxic printmaking. During its presence in the Hudson, NY location, the organization has been fostering a creative community of artists via the medium of Printmaking. Collaborations, access to equipment, exhibitions, and free lectures were at the center of its activity and contribution to the culture and community of artists in the Hudson Valley region, in upstate New York.




4500 Worth Street, Suite A305

Philadelphia, PA 19124


hudson, ny location