Mono-printing! October 29 & 30, 2016

Rauschenberg prints 1.jpeg
Rauschenberg prints 1.jpeg
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Mono-printing! October 29 & 30, 2016

from 240.00

Saturday & Sunday, October 29 & 30 (10am-4pm)
with Beth Thielen

$240 (members)
$290 (workshop + membership)
Lab fee: $10 + $2 per sheet of paper (11"x15" Arches Cover)


A mono-print is a one-of-a kind print. Whether you are a painter wanting to explore color relationships, a printmaker wanting to loosen up a bit or a bookbinder wanting pages or covers, mono-printing is known for its immediacy. The process brings one into direct and instant dialog with the materials, giving rise to a sense of fluid change and excitement. Mono-printing is for any artist looking to break out of set patterns in their work or to keep their creative muscles limber. The class will explore direct drawing, the use of found and cut templates, embossing and ghost printing. We will be using non- toxic oil based inks that clean up with soap and water.

For those who want an extra day to work on prints, there is an optional day (Monday, October 31, 10am-4pm) for an additional $120, payable in class. Please contact the studio for more information.

Beth Thielen is a recent recipient of a Rauschenberg Fellowship. She worked as an Artist In Residence through the California Arts Council for over twenty years. Both her works and the works of her residency participants are now a part of various collections such as The J. P. Getty Museum, The Library of Congress Special Collections and many University Art collections.


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